She's Putting the Emphasis on Joy

Crystal Bernard photo

From: Los Angeles Times 5/14/1997
By: Candace Wedlan

Say so long to "Wings," but not to Crystal Bernard, who played Helen Chappel Hackett. NBC wraps up the seven-year series May 21, but Bernard, 35, is already winging it around the country promoting her country music album, "The Girl Next Door."

Question: Are you going to be able to keep your 105 pounds with all that travel?

Answer: You know, I got used to eating fat-free. I don't even want rich things anymore. So, eating right is not a problem for me. And the same thing finally happened with working out.

Q: You weren't exercising?

A: In spurts. And then something happened to me and exercising became a fun part of my life. Now I work out three times a week with weights and then I run three miles, another three days.

Q: What do you mean "something happened"?

A: I started another career--the singing--and with "Wings" it was quite a schedule. All of a sudden other things were expected of me and even more scheduling. One day I realized I was just so spent. I was fulfilling all the dreams that I ever had as a little girl, but I wasn't enjoying them all. I just wanted to change that.

Q: Right, but how?

A: I hate to sound holy roller but, man, I just got on my knees. I was talking to God and I said, "You know, you are No. 1 in my life. All these other things don't matter. What you want me to do in my life is what I want to do and I've been running it long enough." I still have a busy schedule, but now I try to enjoy everything more, and I find time to read and exercise.

Q: What do you eat?

A: Grape-Nuts and a banana in the morning and then fruit all day. Lunch, a little pasta and salad or soup. And before I work out I make sure I have some food in me, a piece of chicken or pasta. Then for dinner, I love sushi or I'll order pasta without cream sauce.

Q: What about liquids?

A: I don't drink enough water, but I'll drink fruit juices. I do drink too much coffee.

Q: Have your priorities changed?

A: You know, I was going to say that but they didn't. I just put more space in between everything instead of lining them up and, boy, everything seemed to change. And it wasn't a religious experience at all because I've always had a relationship with God and thankful for everything that I was given. I've found that just by enjoying every moment, the days are longer. I just want to enjoy every minute of whatever time I have left on this Earth.