New Country Music Career is Crystal Clear

Crystal Bernard has had her Wings clipped -- but now the television actress is ready to soar as a country music singer/songwriter.

Crystal Bernard photo

From: The Calgary Sun 4/15/1997
By: Anika Van Wyck

Bernard filmed the final episode of the cancelled show on March 18.

It's set to air May 31.

"It was really strange and I cried. It's all I've known for eight years," Bernard told the Sun in a phone interview.

"But I was also real happy because we've told all the stories and re-told some."

Bernard is also pleased to be able to focus all her attentions on her musical career -- she recently released a country-music CD, The Girl Next Door.

"I know it appears like I'm cashing in on my name recognition but ... I entered my first talent contest when I was three years old and I've never quit writing.

"I understand how people perceive it and it doesn't offend me because I'd think the same thing," admits Bernard.

She recalls her reaction a few years ago when she heard that actor Dennis Quaid was going to put out an album.

"I rolled my eyes and I remember thinking I don't want to hear him sing. I want to see him act."

Her Wings fame is a mixed blessing. Bernard knows that without the hit series, she would never have been able to do this CD and return to her musical roots.

"But it also hurts because of the credibility factor, but I think the music will come through."

Bernard is taking a big step toward solidifying her dedication to country music by co-hosting the 32nd Annual Academy of Country Music Awards in Los Angeles on April 23.

Joining her as hosts are living legend George Strait and redneck funnyman Jeff Foxworthy.

"Hosting is the most visible and public thing I've done," says Bernard, who isn't nervous about the star-studded show.

"Nashville and everyone there has been so nice to me. You'd think when someone comes into a territory, who comes from another territory, it would be tough but it hasn't."

Bernard is going to New York to buy four gowns, which will keep her looking good throughout the show.

"I'll be funny, but I'll look fabulous," chuckles Bernard.

And speaking of looking one's best, fans may be surprised to see the sexy, belly-button-exposing side of Bernard in her video State of Mind, which CMT is now airing.

"I usually never wear stuff like that ... but the song is about the stress of schedules and not enjoying it any more. That's why I thought it was important to be flashy."