Crystal was born and raised in Garland, Texas. She was a singer from an early age with her three sisters and her father.



Crystal proved a natural on the small screen. Her gift for comedy was evident in many guest spots as well as the sweet, sexy, sassy Helen Chapel for seven years on NBC's Wings.



A gifted siger-songwriter, Crystal's songs have been recorded by Paula Abdul, she has sung duets with Billy Dean and Peter Cetera and has two albums of her own to her credit.



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Originally, so the story goes, the character of Helen, who ran the lunch counter at the airport in Wings, was supposed to have been of Greek descent and played by Peri Gilpin (Roz on Frasier for the last several years). But she couldn't take the part so in stepped a cute blond from Texas (with the accent to prove it) named Crystal Bernard and tuna-on-toast has never been the same.


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Of course, Crystal had been on TV before. First, as K. C. on the '82-'83 season of ABC's Happy Days (its next-to-last season) and then as Amy on the syndicated series It's A Living from '85-'89. For me, though, Crystal will always be Helen Chapel: frustrated cellist, chief cook and bottle washer and owner (as her future brother-in-law would put it) of a "world-class set o' legs.":-)

Crystal is also a talented singer/songwriter, having sung in her father's gospel group from a very young age. It was her singing talent, in fact, that brought her west (to Las Vegas) when she was asked to be a backup singer for Bobbie Gentry. When Crystal moved to Los Angeles she continued with her songwriting but performing music took a backseat to acting. Until recently, anyway. During Wings' last season, Crystal wrote and recorded The Girl Next Door which was followed up two years later by her second album, Don't Touch Me There. Crystal is a wonderful singer and the albums are well worth owning.


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